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Bits, Bytes, Perspectives and Prognostications

Let me start by welcoming you to my writings.   I don't claim to be a technical writer, but I have certainly paid my dues in words and ...

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Bits, Bytes, Perspectives and Prognostications

Let me start by welcoming you to my writings.   I don't claim to be a technical writer, but I have certainly paid my dues in words and ideas.  What do I write is mixed with philosophies and the occasional polemic blanket statement.  I expect you to disagree with me, I welcome the debate.  I look at the world in how things are put together, both the system and the parts, this I find makes it easier to be both analytical and not get caught in cognitive bias.  The unseen parts are along my journey I've lost a few hairs, gained a few pounds, made lots of life long friends and I am sure rubbed a few the wrong way.  It's who I am.

As you can see from my resume and job history I have been working in Technology since 1995. I am passionate about technology and profess a respectable track record for predicting shifts and disruptions.

I have worked in video set-top/DVR at two different companies, video gaming, retail VOD, DevOps, operations, customer service, cloud architectures, asset management, and SaaS development.  I was heavily engaged in the technical side of Corp Dev and strategy for M/A and investment.  At heart, I am a network engineer who builds, scales and drives innovation and solutions.

I started at Technicolor in 2013 to build and run their new TVOD business to compete with iTunes and Amazon.  This meant building a new SaaS infrastructure and migrate to the cloud when the cloud wasn't chic.  That led to a larger role within Production Services leading infrastructure strategy in parallel with the CIO and IT.  And finally, I moved to Connected Home as the BU CTO.  Technicolor - Connected Home is the second largest CPE OEM/ODM/supplier worldwide.  Technicolor, former Thomson, and Cisco CDBU have shipped over 300 million consumer devices comprised of modems, routers, set-top boxes, and Wi-Fi devices, all sold to network service providers.  In other words, in North America, there is roughly a 50/50 chance if you are a Comcast, Charter, DirectTV customer that hardware you're leasing was made by Technicolor.

As CTO I built a strategy focused on Wi-Fi, LTE, FWB, LIMA, edge compute (LXC, AWS GreenGrass), which was really our attempt and meaningful IoT and IIOT, and shifting from a hardware to a services-based business focused on SaaS development and innovation using ML and AI.  We spent considerable time focused on SD-Wan with VNF as well as VR/AR, but were unsuccessful in bringing products to market.  Connected Home is foremost a CPE business and VR and VNF could not gain traction in 2012 and 2016 respectively.  But we did try.

Along the way I encountered some amazing technology, created a few white papers, and cultivated a number of strong opinions on how the future of consumer IoT needs to go for the Intelligent Home to reach autonomy and ultimately ubiquity and ambiance.

I am not sure from where my next opportunity will come, so in the meantime I will resurface a number of my opinions from the past few years in an updated and hopefully relevant way.

Welcome to my perspectives both short and long - and please forgive me if I repeat myself.

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